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DIY Super NES Classic #04: Final Fantasy VI (III) / Cosmic Star Heroine

Like Final Fantasy VI, Cosmic Star Heroine kicks off with action and never lets up—and it’s got a better combat system than the SNES classic, too!

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DIY Super NES Classic #03: Earthbound / Why Am I Dead at Sea

Supernatural murder mystery Why Am I Dead at Sea has all the charm, wit, and weirdness of the Super NES Classic’s Earthbound—and none of the boring bits.

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DIY Super NES Classic #02: Donkey Kong Country / Mekazoo

Roll, swing, and climb your way through a technological jungle in Mekazoo, the best animal-themed platformer since the Super NES’ Donkey Kong Country.

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DIY Super NES Classic #01: Contra III / Broforce

If you miss Contra III never-ending barrage of bullets, bombs, and bros, check out Broforce, a game so manly that you can smell the testosterone.

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Introducing the Do-It-Yourself Super NES Classic

If you can’t find a Super NES Classic, here’s the next best thing: a bunch of indie games that play exactly like your favorite 16-bit classics.

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Resurrecting Scrooge

How Digital Eclipse and made DuckTales and other old games cool again

The folks behind Capcom’s Disney Afternoon Collection tell us why DuckTales’ first video game adaptation is still worth your time.

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How a Former Game Developer Crafted These Mortal Kombat Beers

Sound Brewery co-founder and former Sierra executive Mark Hood discusses game development, beer making, and Mortal Kombat.

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