Star Fox Sky Rogue

DIY Super NES Classic #11: Star Fox / Sky Rogue

If Star Fox were made today, it’d look a lot like Sky Rogue—except, y’know, it’d be in space.

September 20, 2017
Secret of Mana Secrets of Grindea

DIY Super NES Classic #10: Secret of Mana / Secret of Grindea

Secrets of Grindea is a self-aware throwback to Secret of Mana, and captures all of that game’s charm and humor—and none of Mana’s weird glitches and bugs.

September 19, 2017

DIY Super NES Classic #09: Mega Man X / 20XX

20XX is more or less exactly like Mega Man X, right down to the character designs. The biggest difference? 20XX never, ever ends.

September 18, 2017
Super NES Classic Games

Introducing the Do-It-Yourself Super NES Classic

If you can’t find a Super NES Classic, here’s the next best thing: a bunch of indie games that play exactly like your favorite 16-bit classics.

September 7, 2017
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