Comixology Submit Hobson's Gate Wastelanders Worst Girl of All Being

Hobson’s Gate, Wastelands, and The Worst Girl of All Being!: $10 Worth of ComiXology Submit

Hobson’s Gate might be our top choice this time around, but honestly? Wastelands and The Worst Girl of All Being are just as good. That’s a strong week.

November 12, 2015

Zana, Wally Fresh, and More! $10 Worth of ComiXology Submit

There’s lots of bang for your buck in this week’s ComiXology haul. Zana, Sam’s Big Chance, Wally Fresh, and Anthology One all make great first impressions!

November 5, 2015
Comixology Submit Review Exlibrium Ellie Moonbeard Faded Memories

Ellie Moonbeard and Faded Memories: $10 Worth of ComiXology Submit

The sci-fi coming-of-age story Ellie Moonbeard and the Agents of Shine kicks off a thrilling space adventure in this week’s ComiXology Submit round-up!

October 29, 2015
Comixology Submit Review Sunflower Gatehouse Monkey Baron Self Storage

Sunflower, The Gatehouse, and Monkey Baron: $10 Worth of ComiXology Submit

Gritty cime drama Sunflower makes a strong first impression, as do fellow newcomers The Gatehouse, The Menace of the Monkey Baron, and Storage Space.

October 22, 2015

The Ruby Equation, Long Walk Home, and More! $10 Worth of ComiXology Submit

In an unusually strong week, supernatural rom-com The Ruby Equation takes top prize from two delightful sci-fi adventures, Stranger and Meteora.

October 15, 2015
Comixology Submit Escargoteric Outer God Inferno San Dismas Tegan Archer

Outer God, Escargoteric, Tegan & Archer, and More! $10 Worth of ComiXology Submit

Modern-day Lovecraftian horror comic Outer God beats out Escargoteric, Inferno, San Dismas, and Tegan & Archer to become our book of the week!

October 8, 2015
Comixology Submit 9-2-15

Cooney, Gamma, Wastelander Panda, and More! $10 Worth of Comixology Submit

What happens when a Pokemon trainer grows old? The answer to that and more, when we look at Gamma and three other comics (including a post-apocalyptic panda bear adventure) in […]

September 3, 2015
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