9 Geeky Emoji to Replace Twitter’s Stupid Hearts

November 4, 2015
by Christopher Gates
  • Twitter Heart Star Emoji

It happened. Twitter changed its “Favorites” to “Likes”—and transformed the corresponding star graphic into a heart—and people are not happy.

The controversy stems from the fact that the word “favorite,” and the star button, is emotionally neutral. The term “like” (and the corresponding heart iconography) implies a much more positive emotional reaction, and one which doesn’t necessarily correspond with how people have used Twitter’s Favorites in the past.

It sounds silly, but the anti-Like camp has a valid point. When people post on social media about unfortunate or traumatic life events, it’s hard to say that you “like” it without feeling like a monster, even if you really do want to show support. That’s why Facebook, which has used “Likes” for years, started implementing “Reactions” about a month ago. By adding extra nuance to user’s potential actions, Facebook is giving its users a way to respond to others, without implicitly endorsing it. Yeah, that’s actually important.

Twitter seems committed to “likes,” so we’re stuck with that, but there is one good thing came from thris. As people scrambled to manually undo Twitter’s changes, they realized that you can use emoji to make the new “Like” button whatever you damn well want. Prefer, say, a donut icon instead to a heart? Go right ahead.

All you need to make the change is a simple browser extension and an emoji. Gizmodo’s tutorial lays everything out in simple, clear detail (make sure your emoji of choice is encolsed in regular quotes, not the curly ones that Gizmodo recommends; otherwise it won’t work). Honestly, hardest part of the whole thing is deciding which emoji to use.

We have some suggestions.

If You’re an X-Files Fan

Alien: 👽

Alien Twitter Emoji

If You’re a Gamer

Gamepad: 🎮

Gamepad Twitter Emoji

If You Prefer Your Drinks Shaken, Not Stirred

Martini: 🍸

Martini Twitter Emoji

If You Like Dungeons & Dragons or Have a Serious Gambling Problem

Dice: 🎲

Dice Twitter Emoji

If You’re the Most Boring Person Ever

Downward Sloping Graph: \1F4C9

Graph Twitter Emoji

If You Have a Filthy Mind (It’s Astrology, You Pervert)

Cancer: ♋

69 Twitter Emoji

If You Think Twitter Is Dumb and Emoji Are Dumb and This Whole Debate Is Dumb

Poop: 💩

Poop Twitter Emoji

I Don’t Even Care Any More, Here’s Another Emoji

A Plug or Something, Who Knows, I’m Over It: \1F0CF

Plug Twitter Emoji

Let’s Just Make It a Star Like It’s Supposed to Be, Okay?

Star: 🌟

Star Twitter Emoji


Christopher Gates lives in Los Angeles, CA. He writes about video games, comic books, and pop culture for sites like Looper, Maxim, Playboy, The Star Wars Insider, and others. In his spare time, he reads too many comics, watches too much baseball, and drinks too much beer.

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